The Family Gardener

The family garden is a special place
In sun and shade there, I was raised
But voices fade away and rooms are rearranged
Now I'm the family gardener

You need a stethoscope and a good good rake
Some beer for snails and a rope for snakes
A flowerbed to fall in as the moonlight breaks
When you're the family gardener
And I'm the family gardener

As I look down with my two eyes and my two green thumbs
I despise the people who walk on the green green grass
I grew with my watered love

Now some other son sleeps in the southern wing
And someone else's mother sits to paint the pastoral scene
My father always said that I would never amount to anything
But I'm the family gardener
I'm the family gardener


found on:
Down with Wilco (The Minus 5)

Scott McCaughey/Jeff Tweedy

debuted: April 16, 2003, The Abbey, Chicago (Wilco/Minus 5)

last performed: April 29, 2003, Bowery Ballroom, NYC (Wilco/Minus 5)  

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