What I Don't Believe

I've said it with silence
I've said it real loud
From down underground
Way down, from over the clouds
So now I say nothing
And this much is true
What I don't believe means nothing, nothing to you

I shout from the mountains
That nothing need last
Your mind is made up, made up
From time's blistered past
I can't hold a candle
To crimes half-recalled
What I don't believe means nothing, nothing at all

Can't you tell I won't fight anymore?
And you know it's not right
You know it's not right
If my tongue moves I bite down before it can
Tell how hard I've lied
I won't bother knocking where I'll never get in
I'm bound straight to hell for sure if omission's a sin
I won't be the downfall of such miserable bliss
What I don't believe goes something, something like this


found on:
Down with Wilco (The Minus 5)

Scott McCaughey

debuted: April 16, 2003, The Abbey, Chicago (Wilco/Minus 5)

last performed: April 29, 2003, Bowery Ballroom, NYC (Wilco/Minus 5)  

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