Kingsport Town

The wind the wing is blowing strong
My hands they got no gloves
I wish to my soul that I could see
The girl I'm thinking of

Don't you remember me babe
I remember you quite well
You caused me to leave old Kingsport Town
With a high sheriff on my trail

High sheriff on my trail, boys
High sheriff on my trail
All because I'm falling for
A curly-headed dark-eyed girl

Who's gonna  stroke your cold black hair
And sandy colored skin
Who's gonna  kiss your Memphis lips
When I'm out in the wind

When I'm out in the wind, babe
When I'm out in the wind
Who's a-gonna kiss your Memphis mouth
When I'm out in the wind

Who's gonna walk you side by side
And tell you everything's alright
Who's gonna sing to you all day long
And not just in the night

Who's gonna walk you side by side
Who's gonna be your man
Who's gonna look you straight in the eye
And hold your bad luck hand

Hold your bad luck hand, babe
Hold your bad luck hand
Who's a-gonna hold your hard luck hand
And who's a-gonna be your man

Bob Dylan

last performed: January 4, 2000, Lounge Ax, Chicago (Tweedy)

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